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P e e r   R e c o v e r y   S u p p o r t


What is the Wellness Connection?
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            Wellness Connection is a consumer-operated, peer run service program that is owned, administratively controlled and operated by mental health consumers and emphasizes self-help as their operational approach. NAMI-Bowling Green is filling this need through the Wellness Connection.

 Why is a consumer-operated service program needed?

            Consumer-operated services help individuals see what is possible for themselves and for others. People see that recovery is real and possible. They can see it in the people surrounding them. This can bring hope back into these individuals’ lives.

What is meant by the phrase “peer support”?                                     Peer Support is a mutually supportive relationship based on two or more people’s shared experiences. In consumer-operated services, peer connections revolve around experiences with treatment, the service system, life problems and social stigma, not just the shared experience of psychiatric difficulty.

What are our Mission Statement and Core Values?                                           The mission statement is: provide a program-based environment that educates, empowers, and enhances the lives of individuals moving toward recovery and mental wellness. The core values are: Empowerment and responsibility; choice; acceptance and respect for diversity, reciprocity and mutuality in relationships; social action and recovery from psychiatric difficulties.


What goes on at the Wellness Connection?                                                                Each month we will schedule educational links, support meetings, social time, and a selection of topics that volunteers will bring to the center. Sometimes we will have snacks, but you should bring your own food to the center. Peer counseling is available by appointment, but Peers (“Connectors”) are also on duty to help you make connections with housing, food, employment or just to talk.


What days and times is the Wellness Connection open?                                   We are currently open Tuesday thru Thursday from 10:00a.m. until 4:00 pm..                                         We have been adding to our hours as the membership grows.                                            Check with us from time to time! 

            There is no charge services/meetings at the Wellness Connection.

           We welcome anyone who is over age 18 and far enough along in their recovery to benefit from our curriculum. There are guidelines to follow, and you will get those one of your first visits. 
Come by for a tour!  Tuesday thru Thursday 10:00a.m. til 4:00p.m.
428 Center Street
P. O. Box 176
Bowling Green, KY. 42102 


You must be 18 years old or older and have either been diagnosed with a Mental Illness, Addiction
or Personality Disorder or be exploring the possibility to become a member.
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